Campa, John

Hello My Name Is...

Mr. John A. Campa

Contact Information
 (210) 989-2000
  Conference period: 1:42-2:41 pm
Room 208A

Tutoring Availability: Mon./Tues./ Wed./Thurs.
3:45-4:15 pm or longer if needed

Tutoring is available for anyone who is having difficulty understanding the classwork; anyone who wants to come in to make up missing assignments because they were absent; or anyone who wants to redo failing classwork.  Therefore, no one should be failing my class, because I am here 4 days a week after school for any student who needs assistance.

Grading Policy:   60% Tests, Quizzes, and Exam Grades
40% Daily Work and Homework Grades

Student Responsibilities:
1.  Pay attention
2.  Raise your hand for assistance
3.  Be respectful
4.  Bring class materials 

Student Consequences:  
1.  Verbal warnings
2.  Lunch detention
3.  Phone call home
4.  Parent/student/teacher conference
5.  Office referral

Student Rewards:
1.  Stickers
2.  Special supplies
3.  Free homework pass
4.  Whole class rewards

Social Studies' Strategies:  
1.  A.C.A.P.S. is an essential strategy for
      analyzing historical information.
2.  E.R.A. is an important strategy for
      successfully responding to multiple
      choice questions, particularly in regards
      to the STAAR Test.

***ALL students will be required to utilize these 2 strategies on ALL tests and exams!  No exceptions.  This will insure your child's success in my class, as well as on the 8th Grade U.S. History STAAR Test.

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