Jones, Kimberly

Hello My Name Is...

Kimberly Jones


Science - 8th


Ms. Jones received her bachelor's degree from Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas.  Go Pirates!


She received her master's degree from the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA). Go Roadrunners!



 Class Schedule  

Conference 1st Period (8:10-9:09)

2nd period (9:13-10:12)

3rd period (10:16-11:17)

4th period (11:21-12:29)

   8th grade lunch (12:29-12:59)

5th period (1:03-1:38)

6th period (1:42-2:41)

7th period (2:45-3:45)


End of Day Dismissal is 3:45

Students coming to tutoring or detention must arrive to my classroom by 4:00.



 Wishlist for the Classroom  

The following is a Fall Wishlist for supplies for our classroom:

  • kleenex/tissue
  • clorox wipes (generic works great)
  • dry-erase markers (fine point, any colors)
  • notebook paper

These are supplies we use frequently in our classroom. Any contributions to our room will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks :)

Science Textbooks  

Students will be using a classroom set of textbooks this year.  If your student would like her/his own copy of the book, they may request it from me.  Their copy can be taken home. .


Supply List 

Students need the following supplies in class everyday.

    1 - compositon book (no spirals)

    1 - pocket folder (any color, kept in classroom)

     lots of pencils

These following materials are helpful but not required.


    colored pencils

    notebook paper

     *given on Wednesdays,
      *due on Fridays
 (some weeks we will not have homework)

Tutoring Schedule  

We are here to help students succeed.

My set tutoring day is Thursday from 3:50 - 4:30. 

Other times are available by request. Students have the option to request tutoring before school, during lunch, and after school. 

Tutoring can be used for help on just about anything school related: daily work,homework, make up name it!!  If falling behind inwork or just trying to avoid falling behind, schedule a tutoring meetingor stop by on Thursday.

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