Class Information

Class Information


     Attendance is EXTREMELY Important

Attendance is important for your child to attend school everyday to succeed. We are on a tight schedule, if you miss a day, you will most likely miss an entire lesson. We must work together to accomplish this goal.


Late Assignment Policy

     Late Work: If you are absent, it will be your responsibility to collect any work that was assigned while you were out. You will have 1 week to complete any work that was missed. This includes tests and quizzes. Assignments should be completed on your own time, but you may come in to complete them during tutoring times.


Classwork / Homework / Assessments  

Daily Classwork 

     Warm Up/Homework check: You will begin each class period with a brief STAAR warm up and review of the previous nights assigned homework. It is your responsibility to come into the class and be ready to work before the bell rings.

Being ready includes, writing down the daily objective and assignment in your planner before the bell rings.  Also, beginning on the warm up, having homework out on desk, pencils sharpened, and in your assigned seat. 

You are allowed a 4 minute passing period, which should be used for restroom/water breaks. You will only be allowed to go during class time if it is an emergency. Your weekly warm up sheet will be turned in on Fridays for a weekly grade.

Homework Policy

     Homework: Students will be provided homework every Monday and is collected on Friday.  Homework is two STAAR multi-step questions per day, and are reviewed the following day.  I review homework for completeness, and parent signatures.  I encourage parent/guardian to help their child with the homework assignment and sign it, indicating you witnessed you child making an effort on the assignment.  

I expect homework to be turned in ON TIME every Friday.  Homework is due on Friday, during their assigned period.  If you do not have your homework when it is due, it will be marked as a zero in the Gradebook and it will not be changed.


     Tests and Quiz: Short quizzes are given at the end of each week. Quizzes are to monitor weekly progress in class and determine what you have learned and what I may need to review. Tests are given every two to three weeks. These short tests are used to monitor progress on TEKS covered in previous weeks and are created with the rigor students will be expected to master with this years STAAR test.


     Test & quiz corrections - Students are encouraged to make corrections to tests and quizzes for a higher grade on those assessments. The student should correctly re-work incomplete and/or incorrect problems on a separate sheet of paper. Students should submit their corrected work along with the original assessment to the teacher. Students will earn half-points back for the correctly re-worked problems.

Grading Policy

8th Grade Math Grading Policy

40% Classwork 
25% Test
15% Assessment - Quiz
10% Homework


 Tutoring Schedule

Monday - Thursday     7:15 - 7:50AM
Monday - Friday         3:45 - 4:30PM

Students are required to have a pass to enter the building to attend morning tutoring.
Students are required to stay in the school building to attend afternoon tutoring.

Tutoring can be used for several different reasons:

 1. Getting help to understand the material that was taught

 2. Doing/Checking Homework

 3. Missing Assignments (Notes/Classwork/Assessments)

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