Algebra 1

Welcome to Algebra 1! This year we will cover a variety of topics including linear, quadratic, and exponential functions as well as polynomials, radical expressions, systems of linear equations and laws of exponents. You will learn how to apply mathematics in everyday life, create representations to communicate mathematical ideas, analyze mathematical relationships, and justify mathematical ideas and arguments using precise mathematical language. Upon successfully completing this course, you will have earned one high school credit.


Classroom Rules                                                              Consequences

  1. Be on-time, on-task and prepared.                            1. Student-Teacher Conference
  2. Remain in your designated area.                               2. Parent will be contacted
  3. Communicate using respectful language                   3. Student attends detention

    and actions towards others.                                   4. Student will receive in-house referral

  4. Put forth your best effort!                                             5. Student, Parent, Teacher, Administrator                                                                                                        Conference


Homework Policy:  Independent practice will be assigned daily. Any classwork not completed in class becomes homework. It is imperative that you keep up with the independent practice in order to be successful in this class. Late homework will not be accepted.


Grading Policy:  Students may make corrections on any classwork assignments. Students may only make corrections on assessments if they receive a grade below a 70 to earn a maximum grade of a 70. Grades are always accessible through Gradebook online. Please contact our front office if you need help logging onto parent portal.


Formative Assessments   60% (Classwork 40%, Homework 10%, Participation 10%)

Summative Assessments 40% (Test 25%, Quiz 15%)


Late Work Policy: Twenty points will be deducted each day a classwork assignment is not submitted. Late homework will not be accepted.


Make-up Work Policy: If a student is absent from class for any reason, it is his/her responsibility to determine what assignments were missed. If a student knows they will be absent ahead of time, they are to notify the teacher for the work that will be missed. Students with an excused absence have three days to submit missed assignments.



Restroom Policy: Students will be given three restroom passes per six weeks. If a student needs to use the restroom during class they must first ask for permission. If permission is granted, the student will write the date and their initials in a column next to their name on the restroom log. Students are allowed to go to the restroom after the first 15 minutes of class and before the last 15 minutes of class.


Food and Beverage Policy: Water bottles are allowed in the classroom. Other beverages and food, not provided by the school, are not allowed.


Calculators: Students will be provided with a classroom set of TI84 plus calculators this year. Students that own an android phone may download the calculator application, free of charge, from Wabbitemu. Phones may be used at home but not at school. Calculators will be used as a tool in my classroom. Therefore, we will not use calculators for every assignment. Students are expected to make simple calculations fluently.


Agenda:  Each student will receive an agenda, free of charge, within the 2nd week of school. If the agenda is lost, you will be charged a $3.00 replacement fee (or you can purchase one elsewhere). Students are expected to write the class objective in their agenda within the first 2 minutes of class.


Materials:  Mechanical or wooden pencils (no pens), (1) two subject spiral, pocket folder, paper (wide ruled), graph paper


Tutorial Times:   Monday—Friday morning by appointment

                             Monday—Friday 3:45pm-4:30pm


School Rules and Consequences: We will follow the student code of conduct and the school discipline plan.

                                    *Severe insubordination will automatically result in a referral to the Vice Principal.


Contact Information

Email:                                                                                                    Phone: 210-989-2000

Conference: Monday-Friday 2:45pm3:45pm.

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