8th Grade Math

Welcome to HMS 

Welcome to 8th grade math. In this course we will cover a variety of topics including Numerical representations and relationships, Computations and algebraic relationships, Geometry, and Data analysis and personal financial literacy. This material may seem challenging as the students transition from concrete to abstract thought, but they will develop many skills such as problem solving and critical thinking.

        Materials Required:                                                                Grading Policy:
  One Spiral – 100 sheets                                                         Classwork, Homework, Daily Quizzes (60%)
  One 2” Binder (used for all classes)                                  Test, Quizzes (40%)
  Pencils and erasers



Each student will receive an agenda, free of charge, within the 2nd week of school.  If the agenda is lost, a $3 replacement fee will be charged (or you can purchase one elsewhere).  Students are expected to write the class objectives and homework in their agenda within the first 3 minutes of each class. Planner will be checked each week for a grade in order to reinforced the sense of responsibility.

 Student‘s Daily Participation is key to their learning experience and success. This year, all eighth graders will be using a TI graphing calculator in class and for testing.

Homework will be assigned every Monday.  It will contain the homework for the whole week. It will be graded on a daily basis.  It will be due Friday of that week. Late homework will not be accepted.

Students will complete a daily Warm Up at the beginning of class. It will be collected every Friday for a grade.

We will be using a spiral in class titled Interactive Notebook and Notes. Students will write any notes in this notebook. Students will receive a daily grade from their notebook.

Grades are always accessible through Grade-book online.  Please contact our front office if you need help logging onto Parent Portal.

If a student is Absent from class for any reason, it is his/her responsibility to determine what assignments they missed. If a student knows he/she will be absent, for any reason, please notify your teacher. A student has three days to turn in missing work due to excused absences. All work is due at the end of the work.       

 Class Procedures

   Please take care of  your personal needs before coming to class. 

   Make sure pencils are sharpened and you are in your seat before the bell rings.

   Focus on the task at hand.( planner and warm-up)

   The bell does not dismiss the class...the teacher does.

   We will follow all school/district rules.

 Consequences for Breaking Class and School Rules/Procedures
We will follow the school discipline plan.

**Severe and/or persistent disruptions will automatically result in a referral to the VP.**


Tutoring is offered to help students with content viewed in class, corrections of exams, and help with homework.

Monday to Thursday 7:30 to 7:50am. and 3:50 to 4:20pm.
Friday - By appointment only


Please contact us if you have and problems or concerns. You can call the school (210-989-2000) and leave me a message.  However, the best way to contact me is through my email.

Thank you,
Ms. Prince, and Ms. Dupras  

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