Algebra 1

Harlandale Middle School Algebra 1 Syllabus

   Welcome to the 8th grade at Harlandale Middle School – your last but very important year before High School. Students are required to take four mathematics classes to graduate from Harlandale High School. Your child has been given the opportunity to complete Algebra 1 in the 8th grade. By successfully completing Algebra 1 and passing the end of course (EOC) exam in May 2017, he/she will receive a high school math credit.

  In this course, you will build a foundation and develop the algebraic concepts necessary to succeed in future mathematic courses within your high school career and forward. Pre-AP students are expected to demonstrate a strong work ethic, organization, to be prepared for rigorous (and fast paced) learning, and are encouraged to think, “outside-the-box. Our Algebra 1 course is constructed from a Family of Functions approach to teaching Algebra designed to teach all components of the Algebra 1 Common Core Standard. We utilize the Algebra 1 text, in our daily instruction. The classroom includes a class set of this text, and students will have the option to sign out a textbook for use at home if extra textbooks are available.

Algebra 1 Course Content:

  • Numbers and Algebraic Representation
  • Describing and Graphing Linear Functions, Equations, and Inequalities
  • Writing and Solving Linear Functions, Equations, and Inequalities
  • Quadratic Functions and Equations
  • Exponential Functions and Equations


Be present and on time to class everyday. If you are absent, your classroom teacher will have a designated area in the classroom where you can find copies of handouts and notes from the previous class period. It is imperative that you obtain these copies as soon as you return to school. If you need assistance in learning the material, you should see your teacher after school as soon as possible.

Materials Needed: You will need the following materials for this class.

  • 1 Spiral (Journal for class notes)
  • Pencils
  • Loose-leaf paper
  • Homework completed everyday

Everything you are given should be organized into your Journal by unit. You should never throw anything away unless directed to do so.

Daily Procedures:

Be quietly in your seat working on your planner and warm-up each day. Take notes daily during lesson instruction. The rule for note taking: If I write it down, it is important!!! Use these notes as your guide to complete homework assignments and study for assessments.

Do your homework – In mathematics, in order to learn the skills, you must PRACTICE the skills. We will spend time at the beginning of class each day to discuss the homework and if you have completed work, it will allow you to ask questions and seek clarification if needed. If you fall behind in your homework, it will become very difficult to catch up. It is required for all students to show work on every problem in Algebra 1 in order to earn credit on formative and summative assessments.

Study for all quizzes and tests. Make flash cards, review your notes, and do extra practice problems to make sure you know each concept. Retake any quiz in which you earn a score less than 70-75% within one week of the original quiz. In order to complete a retake, you must correct the missed problems on the original quiz, seek teacher approval on these corrections, and come after school to complete a quiz retake.

Attend after-school or morning help when necessary to better understand the concepts taught in class. Do not fall behind – all concepts in Algebra build upon previously learned content. Come to class ready to work and learn everyday, and have a positive attitude about learning Algebra. Be actively engaged in each lesson – you will only get out of this class what you put into it.

Algebra 1 Grading Policies:
Classwork and Homework - 60%
Tests - 25%, Quizzes - 15%

 Tutoring Schedule                                                                               
Monday - Thursday: 7:30am       
                                                                                Monday - Friday: 3:45 – 4:30pm

7th Period: 2:45 - 3:45pm                                                                                                    Phone: (210)

 Ms. Prince

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