Reyes, Clarissa

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Ms. C. Reyes


7th Grade Math Teacher
Here is a link to my google website:


"Hustle and Heart


Welcome to 7th Grade Math!!

I look forward to working with your son/daughter and being a part of their academic success.

I hope to make this year challenging and succesful for all students. My goal here at Harlandale Middle School is to help all students achieve success and reach their goals.

I believe that all students can and will succeed this year. With a positive attitude, they will successfully pass the STAAR!

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions/concerns you may have. You can reach me by email at any time (



Class Expectations 

Ms. Reyes' Classroom Rules and Expectations

1. Come to class on time. All Students need to sharpen pencils and begin working on their warmup BEFORE the tardy bell rings.

2. Bring the following items to class each day:

  • Notebook paper
  • Pencils ( no pen, gel, or markers are acceptable)
  • No work will be accepted in anything but pencil.
  • Homework
  • Student planner

3. Be respectful of everyone and everything around you.

4. If you miss a day of school, it is your responsibility to ask your teacher for any missing assignments.

Classroom Policies and Procedures

Warmup:Everyday when you come into class, there will be a warm up handed to each student. It is your responsibility to come in, get prepared to work, and get started on the warmup.  Daily warmup will be kept in your class folder.

Notes:You are responsible for bringing your agenday to class everyday. Wewill take notes, and make foldables. These notes will provide vocabularyand examples that will help you with your homework and tests and quizzes. 

Homework:In math class, we will have homework Monday through Thursday. Homeworkis issued to students on Monday and it is due daily. Math takespractice, and unless you practice, it is hard to get better. DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

Tests and Quizzes:Short quizzes are given at the end of each lesson. Tests are given every three weeks. These are short Benchmark Tests given to see what you havelearned and what we need to re-teach. If you need to makeup or retake aquiz or Test, you have one week to do so. It must be done during tutoring time.

Grading Policy: Classwork: 40%, Homework: 10%, Quizzes: 20%, Tests: 30%

Conference: 7th period: 2:45 – 3:45pm


Ms. Reyes

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