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Hello My Name Is...

David Smiley

Science - 8

A little about me
I was born and raised right here in San Antonio. This is my third year here at Harlandale Middle school. I have a degree from Texas Tech University in Hospitality management.  I have a passion for science and for learning. 

I look forward to the coming year and I am always ready to provide any assistance or answer any questions you may have. My email is and the phone number to the school is 210-989-2000. My conference time is from 8:00 a.m to 9:09 a.m M-F.

Daily Supplies
  Blue or black ink pen or pencil, spiral notebook OR composition book,

and one pocket folder.

 Notebook:    Students will be expected to keep an interactive notebook which will be checked and graded periodically.  The notebook will be left in class on most days.  Sometimes students will be permitted to bring it home to study.  If the notebook is lost, it must be reproduced. 


   Grading:       Homework:    10%                Lab. work:                 30%

                        Daily work:    20%                Tests/Assessments:  40%

   Homework:   Homework will be given Wednesday and is due on Friday.

   Late homework will be accepted, but with a grade penalty of ten points the first day, twenty      for the second day.  Students who choose to disregard homework may earn detention.

  Tutoring:   Wednesday afternoons from 3:45 until 4:30 p.m. Other times by appointment.

 Topics Covered
8th grade science will focus on Earth Science which includes lessons on: Lab Safety and The Scientific Method, Atoms, The Periodic Table, Chemical formulas and reactions, Force and Motion, Newton’s Laws, Forces that change the earth, Characteristics of the Universe and More. We will build on previous skills and knowledge to prepare for, and be successful on the 8th grade STAAR science test.

   Academic Expectations 
Students are expected to participate fully and actively engage in their learning. This includes     arriving on time, fully prepared, ready willing and able to participate in the lessonsof the day. Students are expected to give their best effort daily.

   Behavioral Expectations 
Learning requires an environment of respect and freedom from distractions.  It is the responsibility of students to assist in maintaining order by refraining from disruptive conduct.

  School-wide Expectations
Students will be responsible, organized, cooperative, kind and safe.

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