Gamma Sigma

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  Tami Weinelt
  Katherine Woods
Gamma Sigma

The Gamma Sigma Pearls is a unique development program that will bring girls together through the bond of sisterhood, allow them to explore common interests in a safe place and encourage leadership and college readiness.

  The Girl Scout Research Institute (GSRI) has found that more than half of U.S. girls hope to have an effect on the world beyond the communities where they live.  Everyone's leadership journey is unique.  As a Gamma Sigma Pearl, you will discover yourself and your world, learn to connect with others, and take action to improve the world around you.  Within a supportive sisterhood, Gamma Sigma Pearls will take on leadership roles and identify their own unique styles of leading! 

  President:  Esther Morales

 Vice-President: Jessica Carillo

 Secretary: Madison Garza

 Treasurer:  Montserrat Meza

 Historians: Salma Delgado, Estella Rodriguez, Samantha Leija

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