National Jr. Honor Society

Natalie Salazar
  Sarah Medelez
  Deborah Barcenez
  Tracy Cardenas

The National Junior Honor Society Dillard McCollum Chapter is an organization which seeks to mold and encourage the intellectual growth and leadership of honor students here at Harlandale Middle School.  Our Society invites members to join based not only on advanced Scholarship (grade point average 90 or above cumulative) but also on the following pillars:  Leadership,Character, Citizenship and Service.


Based on scholarship, invitations are extended to those students meeting or surpassing this criteria.  Next, students accepting invitation are required to secure seven (2) Teacher Recommendations and one recommendation from an Administrator (Principal, Vice-Principal, Counselor).  These must be turned in before or by the deadline date.  NO LATE recommendations will be accepted. 


If you have any questions regarding the membership criteria, please do not hesitate to contact any of the sponsors.

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