Special Olympics

Mark Jabs 989-2000

Coach and Teacher-Special Olympics(5 sports)



The 2014-2015 Special OlympicsAthletic Team for HMS was at it again with a very successful year onceagain with their many competitions. Four sports’ tournaments theyalready have completed this school year were bowling, bocce ball,volleyball, and basketball, with the fifth sport in the climactic eventof the year, the prestigious regional event track and field games thisupcoming May.

We started the ball rolling literallyby practicing in their PE classes with simulated bowling mats and pins.Then the team went to Oak Hills Bowling Lanes for the real deal, inwhich every athlete(130 triumphed in their individual bracket with amedal! It was on to Bocce Ball, a first time introductory sport, muchlike lawn bowling on grass in a sectioned off court of wooden walls. Ourmighty Braves did very well the first time out by gathering severalmedals and ribbons in this interesting completion. Then it was on tovolleyball in December, where we had one team with a couple of HMS kidspaired up with two other schools in district, in which they got a thirdplace trophy! We also had several medals in the individual skillscompetition as well.

When the new year 2015 rolled around,our troops hit the ground running, so to speak, and participated in whatcould be their favorite sport, that of basketball. We had IScompetition, along with regular teams, and our boys and girls separateteams fared extremely well, grabbing the second and third place medalisthonors respectively!

Our track and field meet as mentionedearlier has yet to happen this year, but will probably prove to be agreat event in which the kids will compete in running, jumping, andthrowing skills against many other schools in South Texas.

Finally, The Head Coach of Olympicshere has to say thank you to all who made it possible, including thecoaches and paras here at HMS, the parents who helped out with cheeringon our kids, and offering support with treats. Also, some teachers likeMs. Castro, Coach Castillo, and Mr. Jabs, for helping to train thestudents and attending the events. Also, Ms. Sonia, Ms. Cedilla, and Ms.Vidal for their part in supporting our cause. Also, finally for ourathletes, who are so motivated to learn and succeed. We will miss the 8th graders who promote out, but welcome the incoming 6 th Graders for what will be yet another exciting year!

Head Coach,

M. Jabs

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