Table Top Generals

Mark Jabs
  Boris Davis-Asst. Commander

Table Top Generals

                                 CHEESSMASTERS IN THE MAKING


            Checkmate! Scholar’s mate! Stalemate! Victory, once again!

Our troops across the chessbattlefield were at it again, whether strategizing plans and carryingour mission against each other in practice here at HMS, or actuallycompeting in tournaments around the district or even the city. The HMSTabletop Generals’ Club and Team is well known now throughout for itssuccess, now in the eighth year of its existence. Mr. Jabs, the headCommander and sponsor of this fantastic club, primarily reaches out toits 6th Grade Generals, but also reaches out and invites allstudents, male or female of all three grades to partake of this team’sfun and excitement. We meet in the cafeteria after school or in theCommander’s Headquarters in Room B215 for practice sessions, guestspeakers, awards’ parties, and tournaments, at least once a week.

This school year was business as usualwith the competition we held here on campus, as well as in othervenues. First off, after recruiting a new batch of players for the club,we held a campus tournament, not only in chess, but in the other gamesas well, to determine the levels of the gamers. About 40 studentscompeted in the 7 different categories of matches, so we felt they weregame ready for other schools. WE had a Christmas party, an award’scelebration, and even a guest speaker from another chess army! In thespring, we had some fun competing against some of the varsity athletes. .Matches, then some of our students had to take on the varsity peoplewith their favorite sport in a friendly match or two.

Then came the two big chess events,which at the time of this publication writing, were pending, and thetourneys had not been carried out yet. The first event was the bigdistrict affair, the Annual Cult. Arts Fair Tourney on May 2nd, while the second event was the City tournament held at Rackspace Center on May 16th. We know that our troops were going to go into those tournaments seeking to dominate just like they did in years past.

Finally, we had our big end of the year promotion party for our 8thGrader crop of players, moving on to hopefully other armies to competein at high school level and beyond. We will miss our other players aswell over the summer, and look forward to our new 6th grade recruits!

Chess and other strategy minded gamesare a lifetime adventure, helping people of all skill levels andlifestyles develop their thinking abilities while having fun. Come on byand see what the Tabletop Generals Club is all about!

Commander in Chief Jabs

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