Mr. M. Jabs 210-989-2000


In its third year of existence here atHMS, the Wyldlife Youth Club has made such a successful impact on manyof our students here, as one of the hottest new clubs around! Thisexciting, growing club has started out slow, but has mushroomed withpopularity.

Basically, this youth club is open toall students and involves items such as food, stories, games, music, andmore, as we finish another year. Wyldlife staff from off campus, aswell as our own faculty and staff offer their support, supervision, andencouragement as well with the activities and events. There are specialevents such as holiday parties, barbecues, and maybe even a restauranttrip or two. Even a week at summer camp is offered every year tointerested students!

The basic philosophy of this club isto promote a student’s well-being spiritually, emotionally, and morally,encouraging maturity in many areas of a student’s lifestyle, whilehaving fun, activity, and making a new friend or two.

Many thanks to Wyldlife staff members,Daniel and Jeremy, also, HMS staffers, Ms. Jefferies, Ms. Meza, Ms.Cardenas, Ms. Siler, Ms. L.Pena, Ms. Vidal, Ms. Lewis, Mr. Jabs, andeven Mr. Stukey, for his part, in sharing time, energy, and snacks forour wonderful students. Also, kudos goes to Mr. and Mrs. Soliz, forcoming out of retirement to help teach the club members as well asproviding snacks.

Overall, It has been a tremendous hitwith this club, and we are looking forward to bigger and better thingsfor next year. Come out and get a fantastic life…at Wyldlife!

Co-Sponsor M. Jabs

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